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Your guide to painting and restoring heritage or other older buildings

Heritage homes are abundant in all urban cities across Australia, and while we may love their traditional and historic appeal, renovating heritage homes can be a challenging process to navigate.

One of the most common issues that can crop up when renovating a heritage home is complying with various council regulations on what you can and cannot change.

‘Heritage’ in property terms is basically things we want to keep. Heritage significance is assessed on historic and aesthetic values that are deemed worthy of preservation for future generations.

Buildings can be either independently heritage listed or you might buy one that’s in a ‘heritage conservation area’ — both have different rules and regulations, therefore affecting your renovation goals.

Heritage listed

Houses that are heritage listed can attract a premium price and can come with some confusing sets of restrictions in terms of what you can and can’t do. Work is generally encouraged on heritage listed homes to ensure a house is properly maintained and appropriate for contemporary use; you just need to know what aspects of the original building are particularly important for maintaining its character.

Heritage conservation area

If your home is within a Heritage Conservation Area (HCA), you typically won’t require a Development Application to make minor alterations for maintenance or repair, such as replacing rusty guttering or restoring a rotting verandah.

Renovating heritage facades

Council will however be concerned about any impact more significant works may have on the streetscape. For example, you can’t just paint your house exterior any colour you want; heritage colour schemes vary from area to area and can be very precise, with different options for windows, doors, ironwork and various decorative details.

Extensions and alterations

If you want to extend or amend, things that will be taken into consideration include the size of the alteration, how visible it is from the street or neighbouring heritage listed properties, and what materials are used. Two general rules are that a) if someone else in the street has recently completed a similar design (a loft extension for example), your own approval should be fairly straightforward and b) you can get away with more at the back than you can at the front.

AMMS Armidale’s restorations process

Restorations are an important process to preserve and improve the condition of heritage buildings, townhouses and other properties. The restoration process that is undertaken by the experienced team at AMMS Armidale will ensure that the restored project is long-lasting. First, the cleaning process is started, which rids the heritage building of any peeling paint and other adverse factors. The building is then painted with high-quality paints to enlighten and restore the building to its original look and appeal. Our professional painters aim to accurately recreate the building’s form, features and character while at the same time protecting its heritage value.

Our professional painters at AMMS understand the specialised approach and knowledge required to undertake proficient restoration painting services for homes and commercial properties. If you have any questions about restoring a heritage listed property, give our team of experts a call today on 0412 668 294 or contact us online here.


To arrange a quote on our professional painting services and restorations, fill out our form or give us a call on 0412 668 294.

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