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The top house exterior painting trends for 2021

While classic house colours, such as the monochromatic warm grey and white houses we know and love, remain adorned throughout our suburbs, there are new and exciting house exterior painting trends brushing through 2021. Understandably, homeowners have several factors to consider when decorating and painting their home. These considerations include things such as the cost to paint the exterior of a house, whether it is worth having a painted brick house, the landscaping and the neighbour’s house colours – just to name a few

What is important, however, is that the new house colours will tap into the latest trends. If you are considering a residential painting project on your home, allow our colour consultants to divulge some of the decorating and painting trends we have been seeing this year.

After all, who better to consult than a painting professional?

Off-whites & pale greys

As mentioned before, grey and white houses are a classic with the latest trend revolving around the pair being creamier and warmer shades of white and pale, lighter greys. Warmer off-whites work well with wood accents, however, you can go with something brighter or darker depending on your personal preferences and circumstances. 

On the other hand, pale greys and lighter greys look great and pair well with green accents. Similar to off-whites, some grey tones will feel warm while others will have a cooler aesthetic – it is entirely up to you. If you are unsure, consider consulting professional painting contractors for their opinion on what might suit your home better.

Pale greens & blues

Pale greens and blue shades are on-trend as accent and hue colours that can add a calming, yet interesting composition to homes. They can be paired with a creamy white shade for shutters and doors to fully embrace their charm. Slate blues, in particular, are a fantastic option as they combine tranquillity and neutrality, while still adding personality to the house exterior.


Contemporary, split-level, two-tone residential painting designs have increased in popularity this year. Using two colours that work well together, a two-tone can be done effectively depending on the layout of your home and the colours you choose. For two-storey homes, a two-tone works best with one colour on top and the other on the bottom. You could also use one colour for the centre of the exterior with a different colour on the sides for one-storey homes. 

Keep in mind before you go ahead with your paint service, a two-tone house exterior looks the best on contemporary architecture. Feel free to go bold with your colour scheme too, as vibrant colours will flourish. A professional painting company with colour consultants can help you choose the most appropriate colour tones and types of paint, especially if you are considering going with a painted brick house. 

AMMS Armidale is a locally owned professional painting company offering qualified decorating and painting services for residential and commercial clients in the New England region of New South Wales. We are renowned for our reliable and expert painting contractors and colour consultations. Feel free to contact our team on 0412 668 294 to discuss our paint service, the cost to paint the exterior of a house and any other enquiries you may have.


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