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Our Residential Painting Services

In the previous blog entry, we listed the many positives associated with our commercial painting services. This time, we’d like to go into detail about why you should choose our residential painting services if you’re in the Armidale area – or beyond – and require exterior house painting or interior house painting. Note that we’re using “house” in the general sense here, and not excluding apartments, duplexes, granny flats or any other sorts of residences!

Exterior House Painting

Faded or worn paint on the outside of your residential property can bring down its value, detract buyers/renters and even annoy your neighbours! But never fear, because exterior house painting by AMMS Armidale will instantly put an attractive new face on the building in question, ensuring maximum value and maximum attention. How? Firstly, because of our expert team who are total professionals regardless of the job type/size. Secondly, because we insist on only using top-quality equipment and – most importantly – paints. Thirdly, because we are happy to consult with you on the colour(s), giving you the benefit of our years of experience and local knowledge. And, fourthly, because we are also able to carry out any maintenance that may need to be done before exterior house painting can begin, and will ensure the property is completely ready before we start.

Interior House Painting

While not immediately visible to all, tired paint (or perhaps poorly chosen colours) on the inside of your residential property can still affect the value and put off potential buyers/renters. Let’s face it, it can also just make it a less pleasant place for YOU to live – being forced to constantly stare at faded walls or peeling paint or shades that don’t match anything else. There’s nothing worse than an abode where the room colours seem to have been picked randomly, with no overall scheme. Once again, AMMS Armidale has the solution to your problems, offering interior house painting that will bring the place to life. And, once again, we know we can say this with confidence thanks to our master painters, our refusal to use any less-than-premium materials, our willingness to give informed advice when asked, and our versatility with regard to being able to perform necessary home repairs as well as interior house painting.

But Will You Do…?

“But will you do a full-on restoration?” you might ask. Yes, we will. We’ve done plenty of these before, including for heritage buildings. And, at the other end of the scale, we will do everything from feature walls to insurance-related repairs to body-corporate work to touch-ups for rentals. No painting project is too large or too small.

For All Your Residential Painting Needs

Contact AMMS Armidale! Owner-operator John Marchant has been providing painting and decorating to the Armidale area – and beyond – for more than 35 years. For personal service (including an obligation-free quote), work and materials of the highest quality, and the security of knowing your project will be finished on time, within budget, call AMMS Armidale on 0412 668 294 or use our online contact form.


To arrange a quote on our professional painting services and restorations, fill out our form or give us a call on 0412 668 294.

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