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House Painting

House painting tips for your rental property

If you are a property owner keen to give your rental properties a lift with a fresh lick of paint, we are here to help. Below, our skilled team at AMMS Armidale has compiled some of the essential house painting tips that you should keep in mind before painting your rental property afresh.

Choose classic and neutral house painting colours

The classic and neutral colours of whites, creams and greys remain to be the top choices of house painting colours for many great reasons. Neutral colour choices make any space, like your rental property, look cleaner and fresher. Best of all, classic and neutral house painting colours go well with most flooring styles, furniture sets and home décor pieces.

Use one paint colour for the house interiors

In addition to choosing classic and neutral colours, a list of house painting tips for rental properties should include using only one paint colour for the house interiors. House painting your rental property with one colour makes the space look simple and more put together at the same time. Aside from the aesthetic, painting a rental property with one paint colour also helps you save money. On top of that, using one colour makes any rental house painting task easier and faster to complete.

Get creative with your accent walls

While choosing classic neutral house painting colours helps the rental property look cleaner and more organised, having a feature wall and getting creative with it is a great way to give any rental space a nice lift. Getting creative with your accent wall does not mean going overboard with bold house painting colour choices. Instead, remember to go for house painting colours that complement the colour scheme of the property. You can use paint colour in the same colour scheme or use the same house painting colour but with a different texture.

How AMMS Armidale in New South Wales can help

Although you can opt house painting your rental property on your own, completing a house painting project is not an easy task. Luckily, with the help of AMMS Armidale, this will not have to be the case. Here at AMMS Armidale, we have a team of house painting professionals ready to assist you with your residential and commercial painting needs.

With AMMS Armidale, you get peace of mind knowing that your house painting project is completed by professionals. For more rental house painting tips, give our friendly team a call today or visit our website for more information on our colour consultations and other painting services.


To arrange a quote on our professional painting services and restorations, fill out our form or give us a call on 0412 668 294.

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